Save at your traditional
family barbers

We're excited to announce you can now use Tesco Clubcard points at Gould Barbers shops nationwide! Save when you redeem your Clubcard Partner code with us.

Tesco Clubcard

Convert your Clubcard Vouchers into Haircuts & products at Gould Barbers

Using a Tesco Clubcard Partner code couldn't be easier at one of our stores. Simply book an appointment online, then redeem your Clubcard Partner code on the Tesco Clubcard website (or App).

How to redeem
in one of our
shops nationwide


Book a Haircut Online


Convert your chosen amount of points into your Gould Barbers Clubcard Partner code worth double the value!

e.g. £5 of Clubcard points = £10 to redeem at Gould Barbers


Head to your local Gould Barbers with your Clubcard Partner code, receive your haircut, purchase products and pay in full or in part.

With barbershops across the country, Gould Barbers offers consistent, quality haircuts. Find a salon near you using our shop locator and discover our professional, family owned traditional barber shop experience.

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