A Score for Movember: Hashtag United for Men's Health


At the start of last week, our team of razor-at-the-ready barbers attended the Hashtag United 24 Hour Football event which live streamed some well-known faces engaging in a football match which would lapse a 24 hour time period in order to raise funds for Movember. It was our team behind the scenes of the stream that were providing haircuts and of course, the occasional moustache; with honorary moustache member Wes Tanser joining the mo’ gang by shaving his beard into a horseshoe 'stache during the event. 

The most interesting request however, was for maybe the first ever, chest moustache… which was quite the Movember statement, if you ask us! We had great respect for some of the familiar faces who turned up to the event and dropped by our barber chair for a chat, including YouTuber ChrisMD and musician Chunkz. As the event drew to a close, the Hashtag United team confirmed that £19,000 had been raised for the cause.

The most prominent statement a man can make for men’s mental health movement Movember is utilising the upper lip caterpillar; growing a moustache truly signifies men standing together in solidarity with one another in support of men's health during the month of November. We’re seeing a lot of our barber shops abundant with the request to shape beards into moustaches - and they’re being grown in all shapes and sizes too! You can show your support whether you decide to grow the full Hulk-Hogan ‘stache, or a wispy pencil mo; any support for the charity is a worthy contribution.

Although moustaches seem a nonsensical way to raise awareness of men’s health and mental health, wearing a moustache throughout November makes a unified statement that you’re supporting a dad, a brother, an uncle…. a co-worker, even, that may be struggling, and wearing a whole month of daily reminders to all those that pass you in the street creates great visibility for this extremtly worthy charity. 

Of course, there are many outwardly statements to show your support for Movember, however, at the core of the charity, Movember’s key mantra’s is conversation: Actively talking to the men around you that could be silently struggling and lending a listening ear. Our barbers are fantastic listeners and sometimes getting your haircut at your regular Gould Barber’s location with your barber can be a great outlet to let some of the stress of the everyday seem much more manageable. 

If you would like to make a donation to Movember, head over to their website, here.

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